Reliable Data • Smarter Technology

An Electric Smart Meter System
that meets the challenges of increased
consumer demand for improving predictability
and reducing costs.

Electric Utilities are seeking new solutions
to better manage their assets, fluctuations in
voltage, current and loads resulting from increased demands.

Solutions that combine the latest technologies –
from initial plan through implementation –
offer new visibility and control to monitor millions of distribution
lines connecting homes and businesses while reducing costs,
improving reliability.

Solid solutions from MDCS enable electric utilities
to collect and harness the power of smart meters –
by providing sophisticated electronics,
low cost communications network and data storage,
electric utilities will meet today’s challenges.


• Lower Cost of Meter hardware: Smart AMI technology at the cost of an electro-mechanical meter
• KILOWAZE has sophisticated electronics to measure 14 different variables.
• Accuracy far exceeds the ANSI certification parameters.
• Remote disconnect allows Utilities to turn OFF meters that are not being paid.
• Immediate power outage reporting to improve quality of service.
• All meters meet 128 bit AES security protocols.
• Network setup and installation requires no capital expenditure.
• Multiple options to retrieve meter data.

The Kilowaze Meter

Communication Network

Data Delivery/Storage

• ANSI approved
• Data transmission via WiFi or Long Range Radio
• Minute, Hourly, Daily or Monthly (MHDM) reports
• Alarm / Alert Message when presets are exceeded. Message is sent by pager, email or voice.
• Accurate to within .1%
• Reporting multiple characteristics like: Total Energy (active and reactive), Forward and Reverse, Delivered since installation, Instantaneous Power (active and reactive), Power Demand, Frequency, Voltage, Current, Power Factor, Meter Temperature.
• Cover grips for easy removal in the field.

The data network provides a low cost bi-directional communications link between Kilowaze meters and utility servers. The foundation of the data network is a LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) using LoRa® long range radio technology. LoRa, a standards based technology with worldwide acceptance, has a wide communications range, high user capacity and high network security. Its robustness to interference and two way communications capability make it the leading LPWAN technology worldwide.

HOSTED SERVER ApacheTomcat REST Processor, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Amazon
ODBC Data Base SQL Server, Oracle
DESIGN METER CAPACITY: 10 Million Meters, 15-minute interval, 260 Bytes per Phase/Interval
STORAGE Flexible, virtually unlimited. Backed up, replicate or direct to Utility